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Angels & Unicorns

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, TS8 0TJ
Phone: 07780933860
Website Address: Www.angelsandunicorns.co.uk
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Reiki therapist /practitioner, providing Reiki healing from The Rainbow Leisure Centre, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.

Most people have heard of Reiki these days, but I do get lots of folk asking ‘What is Reiki exactly?’ Or ‘How does Reiki work? What are the benefits ?What happens during a treatment?... the list goes on.

But in brief: Reiki is a gentle, holistic, complementary therapy that promotes, healing, pain relief & general body rebalancing. Working a bit like a thermostat, Reiki helps regulate the body,  with both the practitioner and recipient sometimes experiencing Reiki sensations. One of the greatest Reiki benefits is stress reduction & relaxation which is said to trigger the body’s natural healing abilities. A typical treatment lasts between 45mins to an hour with the healing delivered by the therapist placing light finger pressure either on or just above certain points of the body .

People & animals can all benefit from Reiki healing & I am happy to discuss either. For more details please contact me: m: 07780934860. E: karenhunton@yahoo.co.uk



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