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Green Ray Reiki – Distance Course

Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Website Address: red-beat.co
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Green Ray Reiki - Distance Course
Green Ray Reiki works with the Earth energy known as the Green Ray. This life force of the Earth is very potent and powerful. The calibrations will attune you to work more closely with the energies of Nature. It may be used for people and Earth healing work, in gardens, farming, and in everyday living.

This Ray has the power to turn back, to mend, to reprogram, to restore the harmony and balance within the human body. It promotes and magnifies the body's regenerative capabilities. The Green Ray is a Nature ray, a healing ray that originates from Mother Earth and that has been within the keeping of the Elementals until they chose Sue Hodgson to work with to bring it forth. It has been brought forward at this time to assist mankind in his fight against illness, disease, and pollution.

"Connecting to the Green Ray through meditation is fine, it's like going to church to pray" but "connecting via the Green Ray Reiki system is like becoming a priest [or priestess]. It is for people who are serious about healing  - for themselves, others, and the planet."

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Opening Times: Check the website for available dates.

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Location/Directions Info: The course can be done wherever you are.


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