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Reiki Radiance

Feltwell, Norfolk, IP26 4DP
Phone: 07703581025
5 based on 3 review(s).

I will come to your home and I am flexible to meet your preferred times.

I am blessed with a natural gift to successfully heal and deliver Reiki. Distant healing has given me wonderful testimonials and I thoroughly enjoy helping others with this amazing treatment. It is non invasive and can do no harm. My first distant healing is free and no obligation to book more.

Hayden Curry - Virginia, USA wrote:

"I am very stubborn when it comes to going to the doctors office...I
hate going there. I am into the more holistic styles of healing. I
have had a bladder infection for over 6 months and I was searching for
Reiki healers and I came across Ellie Reay.
Ellie Reay offers her first distance healing for free. When she started her healing I could feel a
powerful, yet gentle rush of energy around me and into my body. I felt peaceful and very relaxed the whole time. I also felt like I was one with everything....a very profound experience.
I could feel heat in my sacral chakra...as she was clearing out the infection...by the end of the healing my bladder infection was at 99.9% cured....Ellie Reay is the real deal....she's professional, Intuitive, and caring...I would recommend her to anyone.....even first timers who are curious about Reiki...go now, what do you have to lose?"

I experience the joy of healing others, also watching the first time of their shock and astonishment at the healing sensation they experience during the treatment.

Opening Times

Opening Times: 9:00 - 20:00

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Sessions are at your own home or chosen premises.


3 Reviews/Comments on "Reiki Radiance"

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Rating :

I would like to promote the unique experience of Reiki Radiance.

After the stresses of a difficult and emotional divorce i was recommended Reiki through a family friend.

i approached Reiki Radiance and was impressed with the very professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful holistic therapist Ellie.

My first treatment was a surreal exposure of the senses, calming and uplifting to both mind and body.

For me to feel completely relaxed and invigorated for the first time in three years is something that i had forgotten.

Through Reiki i have found myself once again. And know where to turn in times of stress.

I highly recommend Ellie Reay.

Emily Hart
Rating :

I have been suffering with a frozen shoulder for sometime and gave up in believing I would ever be free from stiffness and pain.
I was sceptical about holistic therapy though thought it was worth a try. i am amazed with the effects Reiki has had and I have every confidence in recommending Ellie. She was so professional and I felt so at ease and the sensation I felt of a gentle rush of warmth to my shoulder was wonderful. I am free from stiffness now and I am so thankful.

Richard Fisher
Rating :

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the wonderful uplifting experience that is Reiki.

For the past three years I have been exposed to a difficult and acrimonious divorce process that had left me emotionally exhausted.

It was recommended to me to have Reiki through a family friend, and I was introduced to Ellie my holistic therapist.

Ellie’s professionalism, wealth of knowledge and kind understanding manner radiates.

The surreal warmth that I felt cascade through both my mind and body left me completely calm and relaxed.

I feel reenergized and have a zest for life once again.

I have found Reiki.

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