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Reiki 1 Practitioner – Looking for Support & Guidance

Greasby, Merseyside
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Hi, my name is Leanne. I live in Greasby and I moved there from Manchester in February just before I gave birth to my son.
I did my reiki 1 at the end of August in Manchester. The reiki master who I see often is Ethel and she is an amazing lady.
I don't drive at the moment so it is difficult for me to see Ethel as often as I'd like to.
I am wanting to continue to do reiki 2 and eventually masters.
Right now I am just looking for all the support, advice I need to develop my reiki and third eye. I am desperate to see auras and have regular contact with my spirit guide so I can be a better reiki healer. I know sometimes this will take time and lots of practice but the more support and advice I can get the better a reiki healer I will become.
Obviously I am not charging as I am only a reiki 1 and I am not in it for the money. I have done reiki on myself, friends, family and pets. I am fascinated by it all and I believe I have been drawn to it for a reason. I just want to learn more and more.
I am hoping there are local events that take place regularly where reiki practitioners meet up to discuss reiki and help and support each other as well as exchanging reiki as I have heard often that reiki practioners heal others and forget themselves which is very important.
Hopefully I will hear from you divine people soon.
Leanne x


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