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Serenity Hands | Reiki & EFT therapy and Readings

Spalding, Lincolnshire
Phone: 07837520833
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My name is Stacey Hellyer. I live in Spalding, Lincolnshire and I am a fully insured Reiki and EFT practitioner for animals and humans. I cover Spalding, Bourne, Wisbech, Peterborough and all surrounding areas.

The work I do is greatly rewarding both for myself, other people and animals I treat and meet along the way. Read on to find out more about the therapies I offer and their benefits...

In 2009 I stumbled across the therapy of Reiki in an effort to help one of my four legged horse friends, Sam, to overcome he's physical and mental struggles. I was amazed at how well he took this Reiki and was keen to learn about the how's and why's of Reiki. Since then I have gone on to become a Reiki practitioner, EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and crystal healer as well as dabbing into card reading.

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) is a simple hands-on Japanese energy-balancing method that has benefitted thousands of people and animals all over the world. It’s nom-invasive healing can help people and animals on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Anyone can benefit from a course of Reiki treatments, regardless of age or state of health, and beneficial changes can take place over a fairly short space of time.


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