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Chi ~ Ki Holistic Health

Ealand, Lincolnshire
Phone: 07971463324
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Hi my name is Maria, firstly thank you for taking the time to stop and read this page.

Well my journey so far, like so many others, has arrived where I am today, initially via a period of ill health - a familiar story, told a million times.

For me, this journey started in the late 1990's when I started experimenting with numerous types of treatments and therapies from reflexology to reiki and meridian therapies and a whole host of others in between (as a client). It was suggested to me around this time that I should learn Reiki for myself but this did not come to fruition.

Instead, I learnt (TM) Transcendental Meditation on the West Coast of Ireland - the tranquility, the lanscape and the sea....oh what pure misery!!!!! Each evening I would take myself down to Dingle bay to practise the mediation that I had just learnt. I would sit watching the waves lap against the rocks, the spray misting on my face, with the last of the sun of the day warming my every being. Every worry and care melting from my body - I really do not know how I survived that period of time!

As stated earlier, it was during period of ill health that I seemed to continually trip across Reiki in every form - I have to confess that this went on for a while until the penny dropped! -Hello!!!! - Eventually I went for training and I can honestly say that I have not looked back. I was trained using the traditional methods by the most generous Reiki Master who has a gentle soul and provided me with both the ability and confidence to embrace this therapy. I have continued all of my Reiki training with this same Master and believe that I always will.

Since then, I have extended my work with energy which includes EFT, EMO and modern stress management. These are techniques that can be used by you on a daily basis and can offer training for your personal use through to Master Practitioner levels.

I endeavour to create a special environment that will allow my clients to feel comfortable, totally at ease and feel both safe and very secure.

All the treatments offered are non invasive and you remain fully clothed at all times. I continue to learn daily.

Tel: Maria on 07971 463 324 (please leave a message and I will call you back)
E.Mail: maria@chi-ki.link

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Opening Times: Various days- please contact me to arrange a convenient appointment.

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