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Reiki Master/Spiritual Healer

Boston, Lincolnshire, pe216hx
Phone: 07984 676 623
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My Spirit Guides; have took me through various facets of how they can work through me from Medium-ship/Clairvoyance,
Psychic Surgery and other different Energy Healing technique’s. This allowed me to experiment with my gift and find out precisely how to use my gift of Spiritual Healing and how it may help others. Although through all these facets which I have learnt – it hopefully allows me to offer my clients a unique and better healing experience, as I may be able to work on a deeper level of the psyche, be it repairing the physical body – re-connecting our soul purpose or even helping to connect to guides who are waiting to come in. Even removing blockages or attachments that could have been sent via a psychic attack or something negative we just picked up- these things may hold us like a vice – stopping us from moving on or just making us so ill we can not function as we would normally.


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