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Phone: 07875333418
Website Address: www.healingworksreiki.com
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If you're serious about changing your world, then Reiki is the perfect tool to help you do this. Reiki is a healing and personal development approach  to help you feel awesome about yourself and navigate life and what it throws at you with CONFIDENCE. My Reiki level one course gives you the tools to become calmer, more positive and balanced. You will learn daily meditations, how to cultivate and channel energy for the purpose of healing yourself and others. It will also help you to explore your own energy and give you practical experience of working with energy.

All my taught courses are tailored to your spiritual and personal development needs and I am committed to guiding you throughout the course of your journey. I also offer one to one life coaching and healing as well as meditation workshops.

My healing techniques are unique and use the gift of clairsentient insight. My bodywork sessions remove and clear old memories and issues from your physical body as well as your emotional being. I work with compassion and honesty. I genuinely love my work and more so when I see the improvement in my clients' wellbeing. I work across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual modalities getting to the root of your issues and clearing them.

Check my website out and find me on Facebook and WordPress. I'm happy to answer any questions, so please get in touch.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Wednesday - Friday - 11am - 8pm
Weekends - 11am - 4pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Off Narborough Road


7 Reviews/Comments on "HEALING WORKS REIKI"

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Caroline Gray
Rating :

i have been seeing this wonderfully gifted angel for some time now and can say with my hand on my heart she is AMAZING! My life has been fulfilled, changed, cleansed and redefined since she showed me how to find the real me … Eternally grateful and gracious that I know her…. Truth! … Love & light ❤️ x

Alka Champaneri
Rating :
Thank you Afsa for an amazing massage. I can truly say that it was one of the best massages I have ever had. I was really stressed at the time with family events etc,. and felt very knotted and aching all over. Afsa gave me the most amazing massage and deep massaged my knots and made me feel like a new woman!!! I felt so relaxed and stress free after – thank you so much Afsa. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like a new woman again! Your a star Afsa 🙂
Sarah Carter
Rating :
“Healing works came at a time when I was looking for ways to let go of tension following a particularly stressful period in my life. I had never tried Reiki before but immediately felt at ease and relaxed and left the session feeling lighter and refreshed. Differing to other treatments I have had previously, Hafsa intuitively knew which areas to concentrate on, the session was focussed yet at the same time holistic and I would highly recommend this approach to anyone whether they have a particular issue or problem or they just would like a positive boost. I will definitely… Read more »
Hansa Kanji
Rating :

I’ve recently has a bodywork session with Hafsa. It was a deep massage with reiki included. I went with emotional turmoil and aches and pains that we’re going to be with me forever. Hafsa managed untie everything and I just feel amazing. I’ve booked myself in for another session as I was to continue feeling the way I feel now – amazing!

Karen Fisher
Rating :
I had recently completed my reiki training with Hafsa and decided to continue my healing and spiritual journey with the 90 day healing and empowerment package…haven’t regretted it! It has really helped my to focus on where I want to go in life and has given me so much strength and confidence in myself, which has been so lacking before. The body works healing sessions were brilliant and cleared out so much of what has been holding me back and I have benefitted hugely from the meditation guidance, I was only really scratching the surface on this previously, and have… Read more »
Rating :

I’ve been privileged to be taught and treated by a powerful teacher and healer. She also spends much time learning and expanding her own Knowledge . Recommend to anyone serious about learning reiki and also having great balancing and clear information sessions

Ian Fink
Rating :
I can best describe my first encounter with Reiki at Healing Works as deeply transformative, all the more intriguing as it came in the form of an unexpected birthday present. I can now say that this was a very precious gift indeed. Hafsa explained the process as the transference of positive energy for which the healer acts as a conduit. I would add that the power of these energising vibrations are by nature in correspondence with the channel through which they pass. Hafsa emanates the qualities and virtues of her practice whilst remaining refreshingly free of affectation or judgement, which… Read more »

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