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Ashbrooke reiki therapist and teacher

Sunderland, Lancashire, Sr3 1yw
Phone: 07772407556
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I began my Reiki training in 1996, and have trained to Reiki Usui  Master Teacher Level and also Master Practitioner level in advanced Karuna Reiki .I have both seen and felt the amazing effects and results of Reiki - and would like it to be available to all .
I hope to offer an affordable and accessible service and will  treat you at my home in a dedicated treatment room.  I can also do seated treatments if there are problems  You are fully clothed and covered with a blanket.

My treatment room is shown .
Treatment costs are £20 per session £50 when 3 are booked - when using the treatment room.

Reiki makes no claims , it works with and complements conventional medicine - there are no adverse effects or conditions that cannot be treated. It treats the whole person, and can concentrate on the emotional cause of a problem rather than the illness it has manifested . With this in mind it has been credited of succeeding where conventional medicine has failed

may feel mild or intense heat or cold coming from my hands , its not uncomfortable - you may feel nothing . You may be very relaxed or fall asleep ,Most people feel relief after treatments but again we make no claims . Hands are place at various - non intrusive points - on the body - but they don't have to touch if you prefer.

Reiki training and attunement is performed in degrees

Level 1 , enables you to treat yourself and understand Reiki

Level 2 ,1st Practitioner Level , how to treat others

Level 3 . Master Practitioner

Costs vary , depending on numbers etc , please contact to discuss - I only attune in separate stages, each will take a day (or more), and there will be significant time between attunements to allow you to adjust and practice .

Opening Times

Opening Times: Contact we will find a time

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: In the heart of Ashbrooke sunderland. near Rosedene pub.


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