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Experience Wellness

Goosnargh, Lancashire, PR3 2BX
Phone: 07941012305
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Energy Healing is using the body to heal itself. It does not follow a set doctrine nor does it necesitate the practitioner or the receiptent to be religious.

It is an holsitic approach that helps you on your journey to health. We sometimes need help when our bodies are faced with challenges and energy healing can help. The help by calming the physical and emotional symptoms we have burried deep inside us.

Experience Wellness can offer four types of energy healing:

Reiki Healing
Tamara Energy
Chakra Awareness
Holistic Dowsing

When our energies flow freely we are in good health. When they begin to stagnate and stop, this is a sign that we are no longer in good health, but are in a state of dis-ease. We tend to hold unreleased energies and emotions in our aura (and in our bodies) and they cause us pain. This pain takes away our energy and we are left feeling run down and ill.

Energy Healing consists of hands-on techniques where your practitioner is intuitively guided to your areas of need - but these may not be the areas you report that are causing you problems. Your body is constantly giving messages out that you don't always hear.

It is completly relaxing and you will finish the session feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Various - please call for details

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Off the main Whittingham Lane (between Broughton and Longridge)


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