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Reiki Healing Energy

Shotts, Lanarkshire, Ml74AB
Phone: 07496446282‬‬
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A Reiki Treatment is an individual experience and usually feels relaxing, gentle and nurturing. Reiki assists your body to heal on all levels by helping clear blocked energy. The amazing fact I love about Reiki is that it can be used Anyplace! Anytime! Anywhere!. You need not be ill to receive Reiki therapy as it is a fabululous therapy for that little bit of "me" time or a little energy boost, which we all need and deserve from time to time. Reiki is a luxurious treatment, which will help strip away your worries for an hour, whilst you lay in a beautiful, peaceful therapy room designed to help promote deep relaxation, aiding your own body's innate healing system to work on a deeper level. Imagine waking up to find you feel calm, clear and revitalised ready to take the rest of your day in your stride.


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john deacons
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i have been suffering a lot from headaches due to the stress of my work. I have had several treatments of Reiki and feel that Reiki is benefiting me more than tablets. it surprised me how quickly the headach subsided and how relaxed I felt. it definately has made a difference

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