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Reiki Niji

Hamilton, Lanarkshire, ML3 8QG
Phone: 01698477051
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Reiki is a natural healing energy and is practiced in every country in the world. Reiki stimulates the immune system and accelerates the healing process. It is effective on chronic and acute illness or injury. Reiki encourages self-healing, strengthens body and soul, opens emotional blocks and balances the chakras, or energy centres of the body. Reiki does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, but rather, enhances its results. The more often you receive Reiki, the more it can help you cope with your health problem. We use Crystals in our treatments to help boost the Reiki energy naturally.

A Reiki practitioner or "healer" acts as a conduit or channel for the Reiki energy to flow through to the client, although many clients argue that point after experiencing their symptoms becoming less evident.

Listed here are only some conditions that a Reiki treatment can help:
Stress, Depression, Anger, CANCER, Sadness, Anxiety, Empowerment, Lack of energy, Insomnia, Sports Injuries, Addictions (smoking, drinking, etc.), Confidence, Healing after surgery, Pain Reduction, Headaches, etc.

We can offer Reiki treatments in the comfort of your own home.

For more information please see our website or call us.


3 Reviews/Comments on "Reiki Niji"

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Rating :

I have had three treatments from Allison and John so far. The first time I was only trying a “healing” because I have tried everything else for insomnia and nothing has worked. But now having regular sessions of Reiki I am able to get the best sleep I have had in years. I am less stressed at work, I feel more “at one ” with myself, I feel, better. Thank you Allison and John for bringing Reiki into my life. I would recommend them and Reiki to anyone.

Rating :

I was a bit sceptical about how Reiki worked,, but now that I’ve had a couple of treatments I know now that it just works – I don’t know how, it just does!! I have a bad back for years and after my first treatment I was stunned! Most of the pain had just disappeared! It’s so relaxing, both John and Allison put you at ease. I would highly recommend anyone, whether in pain or just looking for a bit of relaxation/stress relief, Reiki Niji is definitely the best way forward!

Rating :
Allison and John visited my home for a 3rd session recently and it was just as amazing as my previous experiences. In my first session I asked them what I was likely to feel and experience. They gave me some examples of feeling heat, seeing colour, or perhaps no physical experiences, as such, but perhaps emotional ones. Sometimes there might just be a sense of well being in the darkness, feeling totally rested. Well… My 3rd session was like a pure gift of colour. I’m not sure when in the half hour process it happened but I experienced rings of… Read more »

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