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Kay Capaldi ~ Freedom From Within

Bothwell, Lanarkshire
Phone: 07812831360
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Supporting Positive, Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Change

Hi, my name is Kay and I would like to offer you an invitation to transform; so that together, we can help unlock your potential and empower your success. Let me ask you a couple of questions:

What would you change within yourself or your life if offered that window of opportunity?

What is it within yourself (your body, thoughts, feelings, behaviours or beliefs) that is holding you back from achieving your full potential?

A leader in supporting positive growth, I offer profound understanding of what is required to facilitate deep and lasting change.

I aim to empower positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development for individuals and organisations utilising mindfulness, emotion focused and compassion based approaches. In particular, I specialise in helping to free my clients from difficult or painful emotions, thoughts, beliefs or behaviours which are holding them back in their lives. This is achieved through the process of psychotherapy or alternatively, by utilising various energy-based tools and techniques; or a combination of both.

Why continue to be limited by difficult or painful thoughts, feelings, behaviours or beliefs when, with the right tools, you can be free to live your life to the full!

I would be delighted to be your companion on your well-being journey in support of your personal and professional development so why not give me a call or send me a message outlining what change you would like to bring into your life!

I offer a number of therapies that help people find more appropriate, healthier and joyful ways to live their lives:

Emotion Focused Psychotherapy
Seiki Soho
Zen Shiatsu
Shin Tai
Person Centred Counselling
Usui Reiki
Intuitive Healing
Theta Healing
Transformational Workshops & Events


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I went on Kay’s Reiki I Training Course last year and enjoyed it so much that I immediately enrolled for Reiki II under her guidance. Both courses made for 2 great days full of laughter, honest sharing of information and experiences, and truly wonderful professional guidance – I left with a lifelong skill I will forever be grateful for. I was especially impressed by the follow-up sessions and emails Kay offered after the courses were complete, you didn’t feel just “cast off” into the big wide world! Thankyou so much Kay 🙂

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