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Reiki Divinity

Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 6HF
Phone: 07768 447657
Website Address: www.facebook.com/reikidivinity
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Tracy Jayne is a Reiki Master and Teacher based in the semi rural area of West Kingsdown near Brands Hatch Kent.

Reiki Healing is the laying of hands and the channelling of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the client to create a positive flow of energy throughout the clients body, spirit and mind, clearing blockages and areas of density. The practitioner may lay their hands on the clients body or in the electric field around their body called their aura.

Reiki helps to align and unblock the chakras and release toxins. When a chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced illness and disease can manifest.
Reiki can help with emotional, mental and physical issues and whilst it won’t be able to mend a broken bone, it can certainly help aid the healing process and pain relief.

Reiki is an intelligent energy and will flow to where it is needed, so even if the practitioner is working on your head, you may feel sensations in your feet or another part of your body!

Tracy Jayne also offers house cleansing services using Reiki, singing bowls and burning sage (smudging) to help dispel your home of any negative energy or influences and promote healing, energy , wisdom, longevity and  mental and emotional wellbeing.


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Glen Davenport
Rating :

Amazing healer, especially with emotional issue or pain. I would definitely recommend.

Zoe Desaleux
Rating :

Amazing experience can’t wait for the next session Tracy Jayne is a very powerful healer.

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