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CBT, Reiki Training, Holistic Treats & Treatments

Margate, Kent, CT9 1DD
Phone: www.fonte.co.uk
Website Address: www.fonte.co.uk
4.8 based on 5 review(s).

Effects & Benefits of Reiki
Users of Reiki report that they experience relaxation, and a calm, peaceful sense of well-being on all levels. As illness contributes to stress, Reiki is often used to alleviate the anxiety that accompanies many conditions.
Since Reiki aims to embody a four-fold approach, its benefits are listed under all four areas of human existence. These are some of the conditions with which people approach Reiki, in the hope of relief for the accompanying symptoms.

Physical conditions: Back pain. Headaches, Migraines. Fibromyalgia. General tiredness and Chronic Fatigue. Skin disorders. Auto-immune disorders. Cancer. Thyroid imbalances. Reiki is known to Speed Recovery after Surgery and Injury

Emotional conditions: Fears and Panic. Low self-esteem. Emotional disengagement, remoteness. Inability to cope. Feeling inadequate or out of place. Anger or jealousy. Grief and bereavement. Reiki has been found to sooth and comfort people in times of personal stress and crisis.

Mental conditions: Variety of Stress-related conditions: From Anxiety and Depression to Confusion and Lack of concentration. ADD & ADHD (Attention Deficit & Hyperactive disorders. Sleep problems and Negative thinking. On the positive side, Reiki has been found to aid Inner Clarity, Wisdom, Intuition and Awareness, and some use this aspect to prepare for an exam or work challenge.

Spiritual conditions: Disconnection from self & life. Spiritual seeking. Loss of personal power. Not knowing life direction or purpose. Being haunted by the past, and unable to forgive. Fear of death. There are many cases in which individuals with chronic and terminal conditions have chosen Reiki energy in their last moments to ease and help them accept the process of the process of death.

Reiki is concerned with the person and not the symptom, it can be effective more widely than the condition for which the client presented.

Description from the TherapyGuide at HealthyPages

Opening Times

Opening Times: TBA

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Margate, Thanet & London.

Worldwide workshops & talks.

Tratamentos e workshops disponiveis periodicamente nas areas de Barreiro, Lisboa e Setubal


5 Reviews/Comments on "CBT, Reiki Training, Holistic Treats & Treatments"

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Rating :

I had a foot massage at Fonte recently and I felt like I had a holiday from myself, it was so relaxing and at the same time energising, the effect of it lasted for days. I will be back for more soon.

Rating :

I was very sceptical about Reiki and Spiritual healing until someone close to me said I may have negative energy . I was quite stressed At the time with work, moving house and getting married , so I decided to ask Shandra to give me some healing .
I have to say she was very good and I was amazed how she knew I had digestive problems as I had never discussed them . I suffer with IBS . I would highly recommend healing with Shandra she left me feeling positive de-stresses and uplifted !!!

Lisa Davis
Rating :

A lovely, informative and relaxing day. Lovely ladies – left feeling very refreshed for the ‘me time’.

June Kelly
Rating :

I was referred to Shanda Shanda Reiki and Holistic Treatment by a friend due to a bad back. Not only is my back cured but I no longer use the steroid creams I used for the past 50 years for my Psoriasis as the regular treatment has helped my Psoriasis dramatically. I would highly recommend Shanda Shanda who has not only treated me but also advises me on foods and oils to suit my condition.

Tarlia Levena
Rating :
Shanda shanda is an amazing lady who has worked wonders in my life through her reiki treatment and generally from the love that she gives. I used to suffer with anxiety and depression and my anger levels were very high but she helped me realise why I was feeling these ways and worked with me to bring me to a happier and healthier place, she advised me on lots of issues and worked with me to achieve maximum results. I have since left Thanet but I will always be grateful to Shanda and wish her the very best of all… Read more »

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