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Folkestone, Kent
Phone: 07818 206027
Website Address: www.englobe.me
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Somewhere inside you kind of know what you need to do, but the buzz of life and pressures prevents you from accessing that information? The world is getting gritty, but
The World Is Your Oyster, So Come Out Of Your Shell !

From helping you ground & center to teaching you how to do this on your own for the rest of your life, my programs offer the most suitable modality for everybody. If you choose to clear your energy & body system and reinsert the blueprint of your Highest Self for maximum results, choose the Peak Performance Program - a form of laser reiki.

Or maybe you would like to dig deep into your book of life and clear life patterns from your records with Akashic Field Therapy?

Maybe, you just need an energy tune-up and want your chakras aligned?

Or is it the weekly calming meditation you crave? You may even get your personally channeled one to address particular mile stones in your life.

A life coaching session will move you from 0 to 10 by using a combination of things to really move you forward and let you bring on your shine!

Call today - I am happy to answer any questions!
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