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The Lighted Way – Reiki Teacher/Healer & Life Coach

Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3SP
Phone: 07946096805
Website Address: jilliandawnclarkson.wixsite.com/website
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I use an eclectic mix of my own considerable life experience and training which has included working as an RMN; Training as a psychodynamic counsellor UKC and Training in many different branches of Reiki including Usui; Sekhem; Seichem etc. For the last 6 years I have been affiliated with the Theosophical School in London; the Arcane School and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.


We live in an era where we are being bombarded with information from all sides at an increasing speed; this is partially to do with the increasing amounts of light both artificial and natural we are now being subjected to.  It is creating a polarisation of views which in many instances are clashing.  It is as if we have to respond almost instantly at times and to juggle and play a myriad amount of differing roles in our lives and this with a degree of  expertise!   It can become difficult if nigh on impossible to allow ourselves not only the time to truly relax replenish and restore ourselves but also to centre ourselves within as with all these differing pulls and demands on our time and energy we can lose sight of who we truly are and get lost in being constantly busy, often on behalf of others.

My work is to to help support and facilitate the connection between you and the Source; the divine spark within which is each individual's birthday present when we incarnate.  Your own soul is your True Master you can have no greater Master than this.


If appropriate I first help practically to untangle and unravel any relationship or life problems that you may have obstructing your pathway to your Higher Self through talking listening supporting guiding and exploring with you for you to find the right answers and choices for yourself and then by Reiki therapy or Reiki Training to connect you directly to Spirit which raises the vibratory rate of key energy centres or 'chakras'  Raising the vibratory rate encourages these centres to throw off negative emotional/mental energies and patterns that obstruct your progress and spiritual development.


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