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The Little Room of Harmony

Widford, Hertfordshire, SG12 8SL
Phone: 07507 879009
Website Address: www.thelittleroomofharmony.co.uk
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Reiki Master Natalia offers Reiki Treatments, Crystal Therapy, Amnanda Therapy, Distance Healing, Reiki Training, Face Yoga and Time to Relax (Relaxation Therapy) sessions. Located in a peaceful village between Bishop's Stortford, Harlow & Ware.


Natalia says: "I want to help you look and feel the best you can, so that you glow inside and out. I am passionate about providing a high quality service to achieve excellent, long-lasting, natural results in your wellbeing. Please explore my website to find treatments, group classes, training, workshops and events and contact me on 07507 879009 for more information."


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All the treatments on offer from Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony adopt the holistic approach, addressing the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms, resulting in long-term benefits. These treatments heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, helping to rebalance the body, release stress and lead to feelings of clarity, serenity, stability and physical vitality. Holistic treatments can help to bring events and emotions, which have previously been suppressed, to the surface in order that these can be dealt with and released. Suppression can lead to mental confusion, emotional turbulence, fatigue and physical discomfort (e.g. headaches and migraines, digestive complications, back pain). If you are looking to renew your energy, totally unwind and find inner peace and wellbeing, then these treatments are for you.  Click www.thelittleroomofharmony.co.uk/treatments for more info.


Anyone can be attuned to channel the beautiful Reiki energy, it is not dependent on intellectual capacity, spiritual development or religious beliefs.  Reiki training with Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony is offered in a peaceful location and in a very small and personal group (usually 2 or 3 students), therefore the training dates can be flexible to suit you.  

The training includes a student manual, refreshments, a certificate at the end and ongoing support.  I teach the Tibetan / Usui tradition of Reiki passed down from Master Usui through Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. Please contact Natalia to learn this wonderful technique and positively affect all aspects of your life.  Various training dates available to suit you. A deposit is required to secure training dates. Click www.thelittleroomofharmony.co.uk/training for more info.


Natalia is qualified in Crystal Therapy, as a Reiki healer, an amnanda therapist, a face yoga teacher and a meditation teacher. She started her Reiki journey in 2009 and has been trained to the highest level of Reiki Master/Teacher since 2012. She has led meditation classs since 2015 and practised yoga for more than 15 years.


Relaxation Therapy 'Time to Relax' - £9 pp
Initial Consultation - £10
Reiki treatment (1 hour) - £45
Crystal Therapy (1 hour) - £45
Distance Healing (1 hour) - £45 / (1/2 hour) - £25
Private Relaxation Therapy 'Time to Relax' (1 hour) - £45 / (3/4 hour) - £35
Amnanda (80 mins) - £65
Face Yoga Workshop (2 hours) - £25
Private Face Yoga (1.5 hours) - £75 / (1 hour) - £50
Reiki 1 Training - £160
Reiki 2 Training - £190


"During a session of Reiki with Natalia I felt deep relaxation and peace. It was my first time doing a treatment of Reiki and I didn't know what to expect. Natalia helped me to feel comfortable and safe and I was able to fully let go and enjoy the calming, soothing benefits of the treatment. I would recommend Natalia to anyone, particularly those wishing to try out Reiki for the first time. She explains the Reiki treatment in a way that a "beginner" can easily understand and relate to but you really need to experience the treatment to feel the beauty of the energies she has access to." - Caroline P., Switzerland

"I have now had 4 reiki sessions and after years of struggling with anxiety Natalia and the treatments have helped me look at things in a completely new way. Each treatment has been very different for me but I have felt the benefits after each one. Natalia talks to you as well as the treatment and makes you feel completely at ease. Definitely recommend it!" - Louise B., Ware

"This was my first go at Reiki and holistic treatments and I found it profoundly relaxing. I felt confident about trusting Natalia so was able to relax and let all the stresses and strains go. I wasn't sure afterwards whether I'd been asleep or just so totally relaxed that it felt like it, but either way I felt as though I'd had a short holiday. And I will be back for another booking shortly..." - Jo B., Ware

"I hadn't experienced Reiki before my sessions with Natalia, but she immediately put me at ease with her warm, professional and down to earth approach. The sense of relaxation during the session was great and I was left with an improved feeling of well-being and positive, balanced energy which stayed with me. Overall, a fabulous treatment with great personal benefits which seem to build over time. Thanks Natalia" - Julie R., London

"Natalia is a wonderful Reiki practitioner, I find her treatments and venue very relaxing. I feel balanced and calm after every treatment. So much so I get to the 'Little Room' in Widford every few weeks. Highly recommend!!" - Natasha C., Ware

"What an amazing affect! My headache and nausea were lifted and I was able to sleep, feeling fully relaxed. I will definitely be booking in another treatment; LRH gets my vote every time." - Katie H., Welwyn Garden City

"I love The Little Room of Harmony, a quiet and peaceful haven. No two treatments have ever been the same, and I believe the Reiki delivers exactly what is needed. Natalia is very professional, attentive and kind." - Penny C., Matching

"Most of us will encounter physical and mental stresses in our lives. The innate professionalism of Natalia in her Little Room of Harmony has, in my case, been most helpful in identifying and focussing on such areas that require beneficial treatment. You only need a small amount of belief to engage in these relaxing sessions...then your belief will grow into a positive healing process. Holistic treatment originates from the Greek word 'Holos'...meaning 'whole'...and who does not wish to be whole again....!" - A Fan, Herts


"Despite being a little sceptical, I really felt the benefits of distance Reiki. I felt relaxed and instantly calmer, it didn't require me to lie still so it really can fit into your day. Afterwards, my allergies had gone and I felt energised. Natalia is a fantastic healer, it was very therapeutic!" - Michael R., Herts

"I was rather sceptical of having a 'distance healing' treatment as I could not comprehend how energy could be transmitted whilst not being in the same room. During the treatment I felt relaxed especially as I was able to remain in my own home. The results of my treatment with Natalia were truly incredible and I am continuing to feel the positive benefits of my session 3 weeks later. I cannot recommend this treatment enough and am looking forward to having more ... Thank you Natalia " - Paula H., Cheshunt


"I really did think everything about Reiki 1 was perfect! The gap in between the two sessions gave me time to reflect on everything and practise. I can honestly say I came away from it with a totally different view on life. I feel much calmer about things and more relaxed! The course itself was pitched at the right pace and explained very well. Keep me posted on Reiki 2 courses!"
Michele P., Welwyn Garden City

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki training with Natalia. I found my journey very emotional but rewarding. Natalia was very professional and knowledgable, I felt very relaxed and comfortable in her hands. Thank you!"
Wei W., Ware

"A wonderful, life changing experience. A calm, warm and friendly atmosphere. Natalia is very kind, gentle and very accommodating...I am excited to start my new journey and am thankful that you have been a part of it. Thank you!"
Natalie L-G., Hertford

"Thank-you Natalia for two lovely sessions, the mix of theory and practical lessons was perfect - leaning towards the practical, which is good. It was great for me to be able to take time away from a busy life, where often others always come first, and to really relax and think about what matters most. This in itself has lead to a more relaxed outlook which can only be built on as I practise the Reiki more."
Jo W., Loughton

"Really great, can't wait to start. Looking forward to doing the second degree."
Steve L., Hertford


Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday: 9am to 2.30pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: The Little Room of Harmony is based in Widford, Hertfordshire, a small and peaceful village which lies between Hertford, Bishop's Stortford and Harlow, easily accessible from the A414. It is easy to find and has plenty of free parking available.


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