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JA Francis

Weston, Hertfordshire, BS232PS
Phone: 07970770343
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Specailising in Integrated Energy/Holistic therapy I use over 13 years of training and experience in a range of therapies (E.F.T, Subconscious reprogramming, Reiki, Nutrition, Massage and Holistic bodywork, Healing, Counselling, Energy therapies, Shamanic healing) combined with my natural energy awareness and intuition to treat the physical and emotional fall-out of 21st century living such as stress, chronic pain, physical complaints, depression, phobias, anxiety and low self esteem.
Providing empowering sessions that treat the individual as a whole helps to restore the natural balance of your whole system. We are, as beings, amazing multi-dimensional puzzles who deserve a reflective and rounded approach to treatment. Mind, body and emotional health are inextricably linked so adopting an approach that considers and works with all elements can provide some remarkable changes.
Many of us lead hectic lives with potential stressors coming at us from many angles. Sometimes the cause of a condition cannot be clearly understood when viewed from a physical basis. So, Whether you present with a bad back or a phobia the best chance for a full recovery is rooted in treating the whole being…body, mind and soul.

I have been working in the area of alternative health care since 1995. My therapy career began with Reiki Healing in 2000 and then the following year (2001) I qualified as a Holistic Therapist and have been working with clients ever since. In 2005 I branched into Energy psychology treatments as I became increasingly aware of the link between mental and emotional states and the effects these have upon the body, this has allowed me to help resolve the psychological and emotional components of illness and dis-ease

From having been aware of the “energetic” layer of reality since childhood, I have built on that foundation with formal learning, which has given me a deep understanding of how humans work in all their complexity. As many of the ailments that we suffer do not originate or affect one layer of us, I have realised the importance of working on many levels to achieve full and lasting healing of even long term, deep rooted problems.

My training in Holistic and Energy Therapies includes .............
Energy Healing
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Subconscious reprogramming
Attachment release
Meditation and deep relaxation
Energy & Spiritual coaching
Soul retrieval
Past life therapy
Indian Head Massage

This knowledge of many areas allows me to work with the physical body, the psyche and emotions, the energetic body and the spirit and all the ways these systems combine to create illness, or health.

I also provide Reiki training, Energy awareness training, and self-development and meditation workshops, With the hope that I can help others to navigate their way through life in a positive and empowering manner.

Through the years of treating clients and providing training, and the ongoing education I have pursued, my practice has developed along with my own self-development. In order to have a proper understanding of what is happening with a client, and how to best help them, I firmly believe that it is essential to have an in depth understanding of myself, I have worked, and continue to work through Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Buqi and other disciplines on my own path.

All services are £45 per hour and all initial consultations are free of charge. If we roll over the hour during any therapy or energy work session we do so on my time not your wallet!!I I operate a 48hour cancellation period, less than 48 hours notice incures a 50% charge, less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is charged at full price.

Children and those in receipt of full state benefits receive a discount.


Jolie is a truly gifted and compassionate practitioner. Combining the best of energy based approaches to healing with her natural intuitive abilities; Jolie gets the needed results fast. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to feel better whether the difficulty is emotional or physical.

Sam Chromy PhD, C. Psychologist - Somerset

About a year ago I went to Jolie for my Reiki I Attunement. At the time I was unsure whether I wanted to learn traditional spiritual healing or Reiki. I am very pleased that I chose Reiki; the attunement was a truly magical experience. A year later I went on to do my Reiki II which I now practice. Jolie is a very special, intuitive, knowledgeable and inspirational Lady and I am very happy that I found her.


After suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for many years I decided to give this type of treatment a go. I had no expectations as it was new to me. After the first treatment I felt completely different, after two sessions it had completely changed me. Jolie released the issues from my past and showed me how to control the anxiety rather than it controlling me. Jolie offers a simple approach to each individual and makes you feel very comfortable; she offers excellent treatment methods for a very fair price. What have you got to lose give it a go!!


The Reiki treatments I’ve had with Jolie have been incredible and I’ve always experienced a huge shift either during our sessions or immediately afterwards – the heat in her hands is absolutely amazing!

Jolie is a true inspiration, gifted healer and Reiki Master (amidst many other healing modalities that she practices). Her bubbly, friendly, approachable personality makes her a joy to work with.

Jolie has certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world and I highly recommend her!

Sim, Bristol

After nearly thirty years of being house bound with acute agoraphobia I was beginning to loose faith that I would ever be able to lead a normal life again, nothing had been able to make even the slightest dent in the debilitating illness that had taken over my life. On recommendation from a friend I decided to give Jolie a go. After an in depth consultation Jolie was able to pin point the root cause of my anxiety, accurately picking up on major events in my childhood that had contributed to my condition and after only the first session I no longer suffered from panic attacks. Jolie showed me how to take control of my thoughts and emotions, release pains and trauma’s from my past whilst learning how to make my life work. I now have a full time job, go on regular holidays and have a full and active social life. The changes in my life have been much farther reaching than I could have imagined, I am positive and happy, my weight has stabilised, and all of my relationships have improved, I can hardly remember what used to worry me so much. Thank you Jolie


Opening Times

Opening Times: monday: 9am-3pm
Tuesday: 9am-9pm
wednesday: 9am-3pm
Thursday: 9am-9pm
friday: 9am-1pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Ivy house farm, situated on the outskirts of weston-super-mare


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