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The Turnaround Coach

Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9TF
Phone: 07956 518376
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Are you ready to change? My name is Rachel and I am here to help you feel calm, relaxed and more positive about life, showing you how you can listen to your body and teach you how it can work in harmony.
When I first started my healing journey I never realised how much emotional stuff  I had buried over the years and gradually as I began to heal myself, I realised how much lighter I felt and how much brighter and more positive the world became and instead of feeling hurt and pain towards myself and others, I now feel joy and laughter.

I am here to help you start your healing journey. We all live such busy lives and often we dont realise we have changed into a human doing and not a human being. It is so important to be present in our lives now and live every moment being our best self rather than letting it pass us by.

From years of healing myself, I now feel it is important to share the knowledge I have gained to help you start your journey. You may well be surprised at what you have to heal; I often used to turn up at courses saying I didnt have any problems or anything to heal only to be shown more often than not, that I did in fact have some unknown buried beliefs which I never knew existed. It was a profound moment when I learnt of the 3 beliefs I made at birth which I have no conscious memory of which when I checked back in my life, these beliefs had not served me well in some parts of my life and had been running my life for me.

We are all spiritual beings and we all have choices even if we think you dont. So if you are ready to make a change or receive some much needed massage or healing, please contact me now.

Reiki 30 minutes £15
Reiki 1 hour £30.00
Reiki 1 £75.00
Reiki 2 £195

Life Coaching £40

EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting £40

25% off all therapies and treatments in January


I also offer life coaching, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, massage and Akashic record Readings.


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Been here multiple times for both massage and reiki, the therapist Is very welcoming and friendly, the whole experience is very relaxing.

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