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Angelic Harmony

Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5QE
Phone: 07903131086
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Walk in Grace for all is well

Healing is my passion. I love being able to help and give all that I can unconditionally. It is not me that heals you, rather you heal yourself with my intention and the wonderful Universal Energy, Arch Angels, Ministry of Angels and Beings of Light that work with us together as One. There are varying types of healing that I offer and teach, but they work on different levels depending on how deep you are ready to heal. Here is a brief summary of the treatments I offer, but please feel free to email me for further guidance or a deeper explanation. You remain fully clothed for all treatments, which are usually performed on a treatment couch.

Angelic Harmony Therapy
Angelic Harmony Therapy is a method of healing which combines the sound of the practitioner’s own voice with the vibrational frequencies of the Archangels, the Seraphim and the Creator. Angelic Harmony Therapy (or AHT for short) works on many levels - physical, emotional, mental,
spiritual and karmic. There is no analysing; we are simply channels using our voices, intentions
​and the pure vibrations from the Divine to help restore the original perfect blueprint of the soul.
Angelic Reiki
Angelic Reiki is a non-invasive therapy which promotes you to self heal, allowing vitality and balance to be restored. It is a simple technique of healing and harmony channelled through the hands of the channel to the recipient. Healing may occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. It may have a positive influence on your spiritual growth. After a treatment, you may feel much clearer about things or problems you are facing. Angelic Reiki may help you make the right changes or decisions in your life.
Investment:£40 per hour session

Angelic Soul Healing
This has been described as "powerful yet gentle", "nurturing and loving", "mothering and peaceful". The angel whom I normally work with is known as "LOVE", she has been working through me for many years now. She helps clients feel a deep sense of love, enabling profound change. This form of healing is very helpful to those whom need to love themselves more. More recently the Arch Angels, Raphael, Micheal and Metatron have also been making themselves known during these sessions. Rest assured that you will meet the Angel that best supports your needs.
Investment: £50 per session (may take up to 2 hours)

Inner Child Re-connection
This again is quite similar to the Angelic Soul healing but the emphasis of the healing is to re- connect you to parts of yourself that have been disconnected through emotional, physical or mental trauma. It is very useful for individuals who feel "stuck" or "blocked" in some area of their life. This therapy may enable a deep healing, giving you an understanding of you and your journey.
Investment £50 per session (may take up to 2 hours)

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation â„¢
This treatment is based on pressing pressure points on the face associated with the meridians, rather like a regular Acupuncture facelift but without the needles. Instead the CSR facial uses crystals, vibration and sound. This treatment not only reduces the signs of aging, but it is a rejuvenation and revitalisation process designed to help the whole body feel younger, helping to reduce stress and promote health and well being.
Investment:£35 per session book a course of 5 treatments and 6th treatment is free

"Allow yourself to be re-connected to the source through healing and love"

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm

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Location/Directions Info: Angelic Sanctuary


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Georgie is unbelievable. She connects to the angels in such a unique way, it’s magical. I feel reconnected and back in flow. I have some answers.

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