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Kimberley Davies – Blue Amber Healing

Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 3FF
Phone: 07840 642133
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Hello, my name is Kimberley Davies. I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Practitioner, Master and Teacher, and I\'m based in Hertford.

I have been working with Reiki energy since 2007. I practise and teach all Levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. This system of Reiki is the traditional Eastern lineage, which can be traced back to Mikao Usui, and was brought to the West by Mrs Takata. It is the most popular and widely known tradition and places emphasis on self-treatment as well as the treatment of others, and recognizes Reiki as a life-long practice and commitment.

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience, and allows you to dedicate some time just for you. In my treatment room, Himalayan salt candles are used to help purify the air and I also keep Reiki-infused crystals nearby. Reiki sessions with me last approximately 45-50 minutes and cost £40 (either face-to-face or distantly).

Reiki First Degree is the first step on your Reiki journey. It focuses on cleansing and healing the self, before any healing work can be done on others. During this day course, I will take you through guided meditations to balance the chakras and perform a Reiki self-healing. I will also pass on the Reiki First Degree attunements throughout the day, to open you up to the Reiki energy. For some, these attunements can help release past traumas and unprocessed emotions. As part of Reiki First Degree, I also cover ways to make your Reiki strong and to become a clearer channel for the energy. I can teach Reiki First Degree either on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. The cost is £125 per person within a group, or £150 if I teach you individually.

At Second Degree Level, you will further increase your Reiki techniques. You will learn the Reiki Symbols (except the Master Symbol) and the context in which to use them. As part of the day, you will have the opportunity to practise Reiki on someone else. I will be on-hand to provide feedback and answer any questions you may have. I will also pass on the Reiki Second Degree attunements throughout the day, and show you ways to further strengthen your Reiki. After completing Reiki Second Degree, you will be qualified (once appropriately insured) to practice Reiki on the public and charge a fee for your services, if you so wish. As with Reiki First Degree, I can teach Reiki Second Degree either on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. The cost is £175 per person within a group, or £200 if I teach you individually. I recommend leaving at least 3 months between Reiki First Degree and Reiki Second Degree, to allow time to practise self-healing and allow the Reiki energy to settle.

I teach Master Teacher Level Reiki (Third Degree) over two days. On the first day, I will teach you the Reiki Master Level manual and reveal the Master Symbol. You will also receive the Master attunements. On the second day (usually at least a month after the first teaching day in order to let the energy settle and for you to process the Master Level information), I teach you how I teach the different Levels of Reiki and how I attune people to each level also. I teach Master Teacher Level Reiki on a one-to-one basis, so I can tailor it to each individual\'s needs and ambitions as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. The cost is £250 and this covers both days. I recommend leaving at least 6 months between Reiki Second Degree and Master Teacher Level Reiki, to give you time to work with the Practitioner Level energy as much as you can and to allow the Reiki Second Degree energy to settle.

I offer Reiki Refreshers at all Levels of Reiki. I have been receiving more and more enquiries from people who have been attuned to Reiki but have lost confidence in their abilities or feel they need to brush up on their Reiki skills and knowledge as they have lapsed somewhat on their journey. The Reiki First Degree Refresher concentrates on self-healing and Reiki basics. The Reiki Second Degree Refresher focuses on more advanced Reiki techniques and goes over the Reiki Symbols (apart from the Master Symbol) and the practice of healing others, either face-to-face or distantly. The Master Teacher Level Reiki (Third Degree) Refresher is centred around the Master Symbol and how to teach and attune others. All Reiki Refreshers are taught on an individual basis, so they can be tailored to your individual requirements and ambitions. The refresher course fees are as follows: Reiki First Degree £125, Reiki Second Degree £175 and Reiki Master Teacher Level (Third Degree) £225.

If you\'ve any questions, or if you\'d like to enquire about a Reiki session or course, please do get in touch.



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