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Reiki Healing Shirley

Shirley, Hampshire, CR08PZ
Phone: 07710198462
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I offer Reiki and other forms of energetic healing like Egyptian healing Sekhem . I have been a Reiki Master and Master of other healing frequencies for nearly twenty years.

I had a book once published called "Explorig the Inner Energies" which charted my journey into the healing world.

I also work in the business world so I am acutely aware of the stresses that busy roles can place on people: I have given Reiki to very stressed-out professionals to help them deal with those and other issues. In the Corporate world I work -amongst other things- as a business and senior management coach.

I have also used the Healing frequences to deal with family and relationship issues -in three marriages and a couple of challenging court cases as well.

So I am very experienced in the hurley burly of life and can help and advise on how all this \\\"Reiki\\\"stuff can be deployed to make it a lot easier to manage all of that.

In the event that my clients need something more in depth than that then you might wish to seek support from my wife who is a Clinical Psychologist.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Flexible: I can do most evenings and some times at weekends and also day times when not on \"Corporate Missions \", although Friday is more difficult.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I am located with very good bus access from East Croydon Station-it is a 2 and a half mile drive. Our home is just before West Wickham if you are traveliing from Croydon. There is plenty of street parking.


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