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Universals Healing World

Havant, Hampshire, PO94AT
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A non-profit wholistic healing support, befriending, counselling & healing outreach service since 1990 without any government funding or support.

For 35 years I have been raising awareness of the \'wholistic life acquisition\' and mindful techniques for personal and professional development. Weaving and integrating a \'whole & free\' ethos into the lives of many. 35 years of voluntary work has equipped me with an experiential catalogue of resource for supporting individuals, projects, schools and organisations; facilitating and mediating cooperation between humans and their various faiths and beliefs. I have done this by learner partnering and keeping a nature based ethos in my projection

I am a trained Teacher/Trainer Therapist and critical Incident debrief-er of many academic models and choose to work within the realms of Trans-personal psychology, which is a branch of psychology that focuses on the spiritual and mystical aspects of the human mind. It can be a very icy and a very slippery field to define, because many trans-personal psychologists integrate a variety of disciplines into their practice like I do, essentially it is about transcending or moving beyond ordinary human existence..

My \"work\" vocation is with an individuals or groups psyche\' harnessing our spiritual experiences and awareness of our own wholistic well-being. Learner partnering with me will show you how to temper the \'wholistic life acquisition\' in eight weeks and integrate the a whole and free ethos in every part of your life. Thus becoming more comfortable in your own skin.

A feeling of being \'whole and free\' and making it stick in societies like we live in today, is an ongoing, although rewarding effort and I personslly and professionally seek to network with individuals, organisations and other outreaching\'s of a similar ilk. Those that hold dear to their hearts nature based interests.

I like to share and pass on how I have become non-dualist in my ways and evolves forward always connected to my own very important core messages as well as being congruently connected with others.

Associations are always mutually beneficial. Through strength in numbers and converging networks our voice and healing beacons will be felt across the globe with a vibration of hundreds of sovereign converged souls, and in this way our influence in the world will be increased to the benefit of all life...

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Rating :
My learning experience and journey was incredible! I had been looking for some time to complete my Reiki Master learning with, I have no idea how I found her, but up popped ‘Gaia’, and after the first chat we had, I knew she was ‘the one’. I received exactly what I needed, and have learned so much more than I could have hoped for! I now feel *fully equipped* to continue facilitating Reiki Healing to my Massage clients – (I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist) – and excited to discover which way my new path will lead me. I was very… Read more »
Phi Durram
Rating :

A very congruent quickening.

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