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Rachael’s Reiki Healing & Beyond

Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 2JE
Phone: 07814272797
Website Address: www.rachaelsreiki.co.uk
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If you are drawn to heal through me, I work through a modality called Galilean Healing; it works using hypnotherapy techniques, Advanced Reiki Healing and crystals in order to get to the root of the problem. I work with you to gently remove the seed of the physical, emotional or mindset block or condition you are working through; placing instead a rose which blossoms into a new way of being. This is backed up with follow up treatment in order to nurture the growing seed into manifesting a new future for you, and placing your power firmly back in your hands.

I also offer Pure Energetic healing, which is a combination of Advanced Reiki Techniques, Crystals and Sound Healing; my full offering of healing.

I offer a FREE half hour telephone consultation to talk about why you have come to me and to discuss fully the plan I would suggest for you.

A little about me: I have been consciously working with Spirit for over 14 years now and healing for nearly the same length of time. Although this connection, and therefore the Spiritual journey which is our life, starts before birth. I have always felt different and connected; a daydreamer of a child.

I have been a Reiki Teacher Master since 2009 and have channelled my own style of Reiki – Galilean Healing; True Heart of Jesus Reiki. Which I teach and heal with. Jesus has been a friend of mine my whole life. I love teaching and teach a number of professional courses as well as experience based workshops; I have a passion for the work and knew that this was the life I had been looking for when I stepped into development.

When you come to me for healing, you will not find a style of healing like it. I work on multiple dimensions, channelling energy from a very high level. Additionally I am also a qualified hypnotherapist and will get to the root of the issue you have come to me for, using a combination of energy work (Crystal therapy, Sound therapy and Reiki) and hypnotherapy, including Previous Life work where needed. I will treat the issue you have come to me for, plus the underlying issue as well. This is to stop you coming back to the same place time and time over, to allow you to move your life forward. In order to get you back to your True Self. This will involve homework for you and looking within for your answers, rather than externally. Placing your power firmly back in your hands.

I work energy wise psychically, and with your Higher Self, as well as multi-dimensional beings, including Angels, Ascended Masters, Dragons and Elemental Beings, to get to the root of the issue or illness you have, in this life, as well as in previous lives and on all levels of your being. I work intuitively and logically, in order to bring balance to your treatment and balance to your life. Working to your Highest and Greatest Good.

As the eldest of five children and with children of my own, I regularly work with children and it is an area I specialise in. Children respond outstandingly to this type of work. Please feel free to enquire about a child you are a parent or guardian of.

I also have a passion for Feminine Healing and those on the Emotionally Sensitive or Empath vibration. Removing physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual injuries inflicted on our Sacred Selves and changing our mindset and energy in order to ensure that we help ourselves, as well as those around us in balance.

Please have a look at the Reviews on Google and Facebook for recommendations of my work.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am - 2pm
Tues, Wed, Thurs - 7.30pm-9.30pm

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Location/Directions Info: Home based healing room


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