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Reiki and Training

Curdridge, Hampshire
Phone: 07825 727331
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Set Yourself Free.....
Are you fed up with living in pain, confusion or lack of desire? Or do you simply want to find new ways to live your life so that you can experience happiness and joy?

take control of

A message from Carolyne
There have been times in my life that I have been on my knees, searching to find a way out of the hole that I found myself in (so many times). As a result my philosophies and methods have been developed over time, drawing on my own experiences and 'life training' when I work with and help others. Born with the ability to relate and conect on a soul to soul level.
I am student of diverse teachers and groups and have experienced first hand many wonderful teachings and philosophies from Kabbalah, Science of Mind and the Native American way of life. All of which have profoundly helped me along the way of discovery enriching me with wisdom enabling me to live the beautiful life I live now. I want you too to experience all that I do and I would love to show you how.
My desire and determination to ‘live a better life’ lead me on this journey I now walk and teach. My journey began in 2002 and since then I have learnt to change my life around in every way and my future prospects get greater and greater each day. My message is 'If I can step out of my comfort zone to change my life, you can too'. I would love nothing more than to guide you and teach you how to do the same. All you need is to be willing and open to new ideas and throw a little bit of courage in there for good measure. My teachings come through with a strong and clear message to help you recognise the beauty, power and strength you have inside of you. It is time to take control of your life, take responsibility, stand tall and claim all that your heart desires.

Reiki Training and Certification
I have trained to Reiki Level 2 with Carolyne and highly recommend her as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Carolyne provides a safe, calm, knowledgable environment in which to learn. Carolynes teaching skills are excellent, not only inspiring but confidence giving too. Carolyne is very approachable and supportive and is able to adapt the Reiki class to individuals needs if required. I am looking forward to continuing my Reiki journey with Carolyne and would encourage others to do the same. Thank you Carolyne you have been truly inspirational for me.
Vivienne Dennis

Opening Times

Opening Times: I run one-2-one training. This ensures that the training is completly forcused on your individual needs,

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Located in a beatiful tranquil setting.


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