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Asha Starseed Reiki Master Practitioner

Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 3PU
Phone: 07410978497
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I practice Reiki daily on myself.
Reiki is helping me to take a good look at myself and is leading me to the right people who need my help.
I am a starseed and if you also are then I know what you are going through because I am going through it also.
Or maybe you dont know if you are a starseed or not - I can help you find out.
I love to have its energy flowing through me daily - it keep me on the right path in life - it is constantly with me guiding and supporting me.
I got attuned initially so that I could protect my energy from stress etc - it is working well now.
I love giving Reiki to animals also.

I also do distance healing if you would prefer that.

Reiki is an intelligent energy which is full of love.
During the treatment which will last for approx. 1 hour you will begin to feel relaxed and calm and who knows my wonderful Reiki guide may even give me insights in to what is best for you as it does for me.

I can also advise you on supplements for stress and depression.
I will be taking a professional Nutrition course this year and can in time advise you on that also.

Can you please contact me by email because I am an empath and I am often at the mercy of everyone elses anxiety and stress - I will need to protect myself with the Reiki before talking to you.

Even though I am a starseed I am not away with fairies - I am very down to earth and extremely sensitive and incredibly gentle - which is why I have had such difficulty here on earth.

Please book well in time

Opening Times

Opening Times: My working hours are very flexible so please contact me first to see if I can accommodate you.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I live 5 mins away from the Brooklands Tram station with the greenbelt adjacent. It is a very quiet neighbourhood.


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