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Consultancy Clinic

Pendlebury, Greater Manchester, M27 6EL
Phone: 0161 794 5084
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We all incur injuries throughout our lifetime, which we hope will heal by themselves, but this is not always true, and we can be left with restricted movement or recurring pain. More and more people are turning to complementary therapy and alternative medicine to get the results they need, whether it be panic attacks, sports injuries, Backpain, Neckpain, joint problems, whiplash, frozen shoulder, arthritic conditions, or any skeletal or muscular conditions. These are all treatable with complementary and alternative therapy. Your queries are most welcome so please contact us about how these techniques can be best used for your specific condition. The clinic uses a wide range of techniques such as:
manipulative therapy
spinal adjustments
massage therapy
auricular therapy
cranial osteomyology
energy medicine
hopi ear candles
eastern reflexology
remedial massage
stress management
laser therapy
What is an Osteomyologist?
Osteo-meaning bone, myo-meaning muscle, ology-meaning study of. If one were to take this literally, then it would be plain and simply a specialist in bones and muscles. However this is not the case, an Osteomyologist already is a qualified expert in his/her chosen field, this may be osteopathy, chiropractic, manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, in fact any one of a number of manual medical disciplines, but not content with limiting his/herself with this knowledge and wanting to know more, continued to study other aspects of holistic therapy. All of the therapists do not necessarily treat clients in the same way; each therapist has his/her treatment methods and techniques.


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