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Reiki Love

Hindley, Greater Manchester, WN2 3BG
Phone: 07591 709 703
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Angelic Reiki is a very powerful, profound and high frequency multi-dimensional system of healing. Angelic Reiki works hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring to individuals one of the highest and purest forms of healing currently available at this time.

A key difference between Angelic Reiki and the other forms of Reiki is that all healings are done by the Angelic Realms, indeed, Angels, Archangels, and/or Ascended Masters are those in charge and in control to bring the most perfect healing energy to the very core of your being, and this, for each individual. It facilitates a deep relationship for everyone with the Angelic Kingdom of Light, and as a practitioner, my role is to allow direct connection through these Beings of Light to your soul. This angelic energy totally merges with both the practitioner and the receiver during the process.

The healing energy works at a cellular level, it indeed treats the root cause of the issue as well as the symptoms. It works on every cell in our body, by releasing physical, mental, emotional, but also ancestral and karmic imbalances throughout all time and space. By being transmuted to a higher vibration, old thought forms or blockages, that are no longer in tune with your soul and your whole being, may be dislodged. Consequently, it can relieve, rebalance and reharmonize, on a deep level, the whole energy of the receiver.

The purity of this energy has been remarked upon by everyone who has received the healing. It is relaxing, beautiful, warm, gentle, as you would expect from an Angel. While, receiving this healing energy, you will feel totally immersed in Love. This unconditional Love, from the Angelic Realm, shows that we are all part of the Divine, we merge with the beauty, the perfection, the Love of the Divine.

You can experience this deep connection with these Beings of Light, you will feel a very deep sense of peace, and divinity in your soul.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Flexible to suit client

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Facing the Wiganer Pub at Hindley


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