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Peaceful Heart

Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester
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Suzanne is a gentle yet empowering lady, Who has her own unique way of working, combining your energy flow & alternative ways of healing. Assisting the individual to release pain & blockages, within the bodies energy systems, tapping into many Charkas & Meridians.

Suzanne Works in Several Holistic Environments Within the North West as demand is high. Suzanne offers tremendous support, healing, empowerment, guidance, relaxation & enlightenment, amongst other things. Working with wonderful energies, Reaching into your Soul, healing your mind, body & soul on many levels.

Suzanne have been passionate about empowering people for over 15 years. Inspiring other to reach their full potential.
After years of serious illness she began to explore how to improve a persons health as well as mental state.
She now shares with people what she has learnt over the years, to make a different where ever she can, however she can.

After reading this, Suzanne hopes your paths cross soon & your Healing journey can begin, ** Namaste


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Went to see Suzanne about 6 months ago from the first meeting I have found her so kind and understanding I dont know how it works but it does and after 7 years of depression and Anxiety I feel so much better and have got on a plane with no fear so much better and for the first time in 7 years went somewhere on my own go and see her she will change your life.


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