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Raynes Park, Greater London (Merton), SW20 9JG
Phone: 07930 398897
Website Address: www.lureiki.co.uk
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Hello. I'm Lu and I'm very keen to help people to live happier and healthier lives.

I was quite dubious and sceptical when I first heard about Reiki. It seemed a bit 'out there' and airy fairy to me but I allowed a friend to give me a treatment.  I was surprised to feel weird sensations including intense heat directly where I had a mole removed from my leg earlier that week.  Even more confusing was after the session finished I had an overwhelming surge of emotions and burst into tears!  For me, the energy was needed to deal with emotional blockages - which I didn't even realise I had at the time!

The magic of Reiki is it provides healing where it is needed and this powerful experience of my first treatment stayed with me and intrigued me for many years. 

But life went on and I continued working in the corporate world, got married and had a child.

After a particularly severe illness which led to anxiety and PTSD, I became more convinced of the link between the mind, body and emotions and Reiki entered my life again. I took my Reiki 1 course with Torsten A Lange, founder and director of the Reiki Academy London.  During the next few years, Reiki treatments helped guide, relax and heal me during times of uncertainty, stress and sickness.

Together with my own personal experiences and providing treatments for family and friends, I nurtured a growing curiosity in Reiki, a desire to learn more (I still don't totally understand how it can work) and an ultimate passion in the power of self-healing. 

Having made the big step to leave the corporate world behind, I undertook my Reiki 2 in 2019 and am continuing my learning as a Practitioner Member of the Reiki Academy London.

I would love to help others who have suffered from life-changing illnesses or mental health issues, as well as those who just feel unbalanced and unhappy with their current situation. As a mother, I am passionate about introducing the benefits of Reiki to children and as an ex-business consultant, am keen to see wellbeing treatments such as Reiki introduced in the workplace.  I even gave Reiki recently to my very sick cat and was once again astounded with the body's natural ability to heal. 

I would love to help you and your loved ones. Please have a look at my website lureiki.co.uk for more information.


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