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Reiki Kingston

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London (Kingston upon Thames), KT1 1ER
Phone: 07714292408
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Here at Reiki Kingston we take a friendly but practical approach to your wellbeing. Reiki is a non invasive treatment that balances the way the life force or 'Ki' flows through your body. When there this life force becomes blocked in a location, this can cause disturbances that manifest in diverse ways. These can be obvious or not to the client.

Each session at Reiki Kingston is individually tailored after a consultation on your health and aims. After that, you will receive a treatment plan and advice on things to do between sessions to promote the healing process.

Treatments can be taken with the client sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down. Soothing music will fill the room while hands will be placed over key points on the head, torso, legs and feet to clear blockages and ensure that energy is flowing at the correct rate. Clients normally relax remaining aware of their surroundings but in some cases, will fall into a blissful sleep. Many clients report a feeling of deep relaxation, emotional release and/or happiness.


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