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Positive Healing Therapy

Harrow, Greater London (Harrow)
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I am an accredited Reiki Master/teacher and healer, and have been learning and practising various forms of Reiki & healing for the last 20 years. The numerous Healing and Reiki attunements I have had (of different systems) has enabled me to strengthen my ability to channel energy to my clients. No two people are the same, and my Healing is guided by each person’s individual needs.
Nature has a healing vibration of its own. Hence, my healing and meditation sessions may utilise the healing power of trees, water, crystals etc.

I am registered with the Reiki Association, and with the Complimentary & National Healthcare Council.

I have also taught Reiki around South America and in Scandinavian countries. I am professionally insured and offer Certificates at the end of each Reiki level.


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Tasneem’s healing has completely changed my life. From being close to having a breakdown, I now feel joy and peace inside. My confidence and self-belief have increased, (hence, my relationships have improved), and I feel that I can face life with a spring in my step!

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