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Anna Vermond

Crouch End, Greater London (Haringey), N22 6SA
Phone: 07789197292
Website Address: www.annavermond.co.uk
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Are you experiencing blocks in your life?

Transformative distance energy healing sessions are offered which include a face to face consultation providing you with the opportunity to discuss any specific areas you would like the healing to focus on.

I work with the healing power of presence to restore a sense of well-being and inner balance by holding a sacred space and working with a divine energy field which serves to rebalance your energy field and remove energetic blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward with your life.

In the process of energy healing I am able to address any chakra imbalances.

I don't label myself a healer as I don't believe that anyone incarnating in human form can profess to be so. Such a statement belongs to the realms of ego; instead I see myself as a channel for source energy to flow through and allow energy healing to take place. It's important for clients to understand that all healing starts with themselves. By that individual initiating and being receptive to change - I can work as a facilitator for this change to occur. Once this recognition occurs, an alchemic process can be initiated moving you from dark to light and from fear to love.

There is a presence which is more profound than any thought. It announces itself here, in the heart.
It is ever -present, stable and pure.
When the attention rests inside, automatically the mental noise subsides and Presence alone prevails.

                                  ~ Mooji..

I currently live in Haringey, North London, having built my practice privately and through working at Neal's Yard, Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden. Please contact me for more details.


£50 per hour (includes consultation time)


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