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Alun Jones

Greenwich, Greater London (Greenwich), SE3 9DY
Phone: 07711 906065
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I work as a holistic Life Coach and Therapist, which incorporates Reiki Teaching, Reiki Healing, and Reiki Reiju enhancements.

I love what I do and love how powerful reiki can be at helping people to relax and de-stress, as well as remove fears and blocks that are holding them back from creating the life they want.

I take one day to teach Reiki 1st, and the same for 2nd Degree. I also include in the investment fee 3 months 121 support over the phone or via email. Clearly if anything is amiss following the attunement, I will meet with the individual to help resolve it.

I take one and a half day's to teach Reiki 3rd Degree (which includes giving Reiki Reiju Enhancements). I also include in the investment fee 6 months 121 support over the phone or via email and, as with Reiki 1 and 2, will see the person if anything is amiss following the attunement process. I am also prepared to be present for the actual attunement of the first person you attune following your training with me.

I love Reiki and really do believe it is a way of life, rather than "just another therapy".

I provide reiki healing treamtents of 30, 45, and 60 minute durations and would always recommend a 45 minute session for the first appointment. I would also recommend having regular healing treatments - weekly if you can, or bi-weekly, but no less than once per month.

I provide Reiki Reiju Enhancements which help to clear the chakras and raise the vibration of the lightbody, chakras, and enhance the low of reiki through you. the process is quite quick (about 5 minutes ) but I also include a full healing treatment following the Reiju - so you would need to be with me for about 45 minutes. I would recommend a Reiju every 6 months minimum, and ideally once every 3 months.

If you'd like to know more about me and the way I work, please visit my website or contact me.


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Joanne Tinsley
Rating :

Alun is an wonderful therapist, caring, understanding and professional.

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