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Reiki Healing Angels

Enfield Town, Greater London (Enfield)
Phone: 07718143556
Website Address: http://www.reikihealingangels.com
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I am a Reiki practitioner and fully licensed and I am based in the north London area.

I have practice reiki on friends and families and now I am practising reiki on paying clients.

Reiki has many benefits from helping to relax and rejuvenating

Reiki helps to promote pain relief
Enhances natural healing
Fosters peacefulness
Helps calm the mind
Engenders a positive outlook
Relaxes tight muscles
Eases tension and stress
Balances the body’s energies
Strengthens spiritual connection
Adapts to your individual needs
Helps with insomnia
Helps to detoxify the body

There are no contra indications with Reiki which makes it the perfect healing system to rebalance and recharge the body.

Client remained fully clothed during treatment and treatment session can be both lying down on a treatment couch or remain seated. Reiki is performed whereby the practitioner gently places their hands in a non- intrusive way on or near the body.

I use music in the background to help the client to relax.

Feel guided to contact me for a treatment session.

Sessions last between 45-60 minutes
Sessions are £35
First session £25

Love & Blessing
Sephora x


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