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Healing for Grounding

Perivale, Greater London (Ealing), UB6 7RA
Phone: 07989259877
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Hey everyone 🙂 I'm a graduate of the Barbara Brennan/Hands of Light 4 year training, and also use Shamanic healing and vibrational remedies in my practice.

For most of my life grounding was a huge block for me, something I struggled with and couldn't easily do or 'get'.

I've dedicated my spiritual path over the last 11 years or so to becoming more grounded, and now I offer my services to help others who faced the same challenges I did.

I invite you to check out my articles about grounding, and join my list to get help, free downloads, support etc in how to ground effectively.

Of course you're also welcome to work with me in a session or workshop - I'm based in West London and also work over skype.

My professional philosophy in a nutshell: visualising grounding roots don't work. You HAVE to include the body in a grounding practice: the feet, pelvis and legs are where it's at. There's no point in trying to force yourself to ground or be more grounded - instead, look to energetic traumas that date to being in the womb and soon after birth. That's the where/when of the origins of grounding blockages. Work gently, softly, patiently with those tender parts.


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