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Ananja Michell ~ Reiki in Ealing

Ealing, Greater London (Ealing), W13 9AA
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Are you going through a difficult time at the moment? Maybe a change in some area of your life (your work, relationships, or finances), or maybe an emotional or mental change in yourself? Do you wish you could make things easier, but you’re struggling to see how?


Healing is an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you heal yourself on a daily basis. Life is hard, and we get knocked about a lot! And deep down, we are always striving to improve, to be happy and to feel safe.

In past times, healers were an integral part of society. At a time when the needs of the individual were the same as the needs of the whole, maintaining peace, balance and harmony in each individual was seen as a priority and the responsibility of the collective. Unfortunately we have evolved today to put the needs of a select few individuals over the needs of the whole, and those ‘needs’ of the few are distorted at best. The balance and harmony of the individual has been shunned and put to the back of the list. As a result, we don’t manage our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing consciously and proactively, but rather life hands us the blows that we need to grow and we muddle through in the dark.


I am here to help shine a light on the areas of your life that you cannot see with clarity. Whether we need to reframe your perspective, move some energies around or perform some deeper transformational techniques, I tailor a session to your specific needs in that moment. I have teams of light beings in the etheric realms who also assist me. We work in coordination with your higher self and your guides to bring you what you most need for your deepest joy and alignment with your soul path.

My calling to offer my services as a healer runs deep, and has led to me training formally (I am a Master in both Usui Reiki and Reiki Tummo, as well as having completed a number of psychic development courses). I have spent my time in this life so far mastering emotional, psychological and spiritual healing in my own life, the lives of those around me and also in a professional capacity since 2011.


The benefits are profound and vary greatly depending on the individual and the situation, and can include:

- A deep feeling of peace, safety and security
- A direct experience of the Divine, especially the Divine Feminine
- Relief from emotional pain
- Deep relaxation
- Changes in your external reality, such as a job change, new relationship etc
- Removal of blockages in your life and increased flow of abundance
- Clarity on who you are and your life purpose
- Forgiveness and compassion in painful relationships
- An increased authentic love of yourself
- Relief from physical pain and ailments
- The easing of ascension symptoms

The possibilities are limitless!


Changes take place on a plane of existence/dimension which is invisible to most people, and then filter down to the physical reality. We work on an energetic level, in a place beyond time and space. Here we can access past lives, different geographical locations, different places where traumas have become lodged etc. An example of techniques we use include:

- Soul fragment retrieval and integration
- Past life healing and integration
- Transmutation of trauma and shock
- Clearing of ancestral patterns and family dynamics
- Inner child work
- Identification and clearance of subconscious beliefs
- Energy healing
- Manifestation
- Chakra clearing and balancing
- Aura cleansing and healing

If you\\\'re interested in booking a session either face-to-face or via Skype, please either purchase a session via my website, www.ananjamichell.com, or email me at hello@ananjamichell.com. I look forward to working with you!

Ananja x

“Thank you again so much for such a wonderful healing session. You truly have such an amazing gift for clear seeing and feeling situations and energy, and then being able to know what is needed for the highest healing and knowing where love and light is needed. The meditation was so powerful and healing. Everything I have been experiencing all of a sudden has made more sense to me now and I am feeling centered, excited about life and also feel a massive emotional burden/weight has been lifted.”

— Emily, February 2017


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