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London, Greater London (City of London), Ec1 7nj
Phone: 07952 559 234
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Belinda is a Registered and Insured Reiki Master with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a Diploma in Education. Described by her University Tutor as 'the sort of poet who, like the minstrels of old, is not afraid to ask the deep, perennnial questions about the meaning of life.' Reiki and Meditation are an important part of her daily practice. "I love Reiki; the ongoing benefits of this beautiful energy has transformed the way I perceive the world. It continues to surprise and expand my awareness."
Belinda grew up in rural Australia at the foot of the Grampians. Observing the magic that surrounded her, Belinda describes her experience living in a remote location as a gift. "I became aware of the 'I' that is infinite space. From here, a stillness rises that quietens the mind and heals the manifested self. The external world is in a constant state of flux, but behind the motion, there is a space that stays the same, a place that we can access at anytime. Reiki is a pathway to this space."


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