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Reiki Helps

London, Greater London (City of London), E16 2SN
Phone: 075 1144 7059
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A Reiki treatment / session consists in channeling Universal Life Energy to the entire body of a person and to specific areas, depending on each individual’s needs.
Reiki sessions are done with the client laying down comfortably and fully dressed, usually in a room with dim light and relaxing music. The therapist invites the client to remain in a receptive attitude and to relax; then, the therapist’s hands are gently placed on the head and different parts of the body of the client. Each position is kept for some minutes before moving on to the next, allowing a free flow of Reiki energy. The hands are always placed on areas of the body that are not private. However, direct contact is not mandatory; if the client prefers it, the therapist can hold his or her hands a few inches above the body without altering the effect of the session at all.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Open hours. Just call for an appointment.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Near by London City Airport


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