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Reiki Church of Cosmic Convergence

London, Greater London (City of London)
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The Reiki Church of Cosmic Convergence is an international religious organization devoted to individual human enlightenment and the salvation of the entire Earth. We are a varied group of people, spanning all categories of age, culture, economy, gender, race and ability. Everyone is welcome in the RCCC.

Our spiritual practice is based fundamentally on the practice of Reiki, and includes teachings from four sacred writings (see "Revelation") and the ongoing revelation provided by our founder, affectionately called The Guide. His revelations result from his advanced ability to tap into the Cosmic Christ energy, and offer healing and spiritual awakening for all those who join the RCCC. He will be your primary teacher as you progress through the church membership levels and other trainings. He has devoted his life to assisting others reach their full spiritual potential.

As we continue effecting spiritual development on this Earth, our regional congregations will continue to grow. It is our sincere belief that RCCC will be the instrument of salvation for this planet. Spiritual truth has been lost or polluted throughout the ages in other religions. It is our mission to reveal spiritual truth for the salvation of the world.


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