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Jikiden Reiki

London, Greater London (City of London), 8000
Phone: +36 70-414-0508
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My name is Gabor Szabo. I met with Reiki 10 years ago, when I had been searching a method which could be helpful for my many years of serious illness of my allergies and asthma. Due to the daily using of Reiki, the yoga exercises and lifestyle changes, about half a year I was completely recovered. This success motivated me to continue to train myself in the western Reiki system and I started to use Reiki not only on myself but on other others too. In 2007, I began to inquire about the roots of Reiki. That time several information became available like Japanese techniques - which was not known in the western Reiki before - but many question remained in myself about the true story of the Reiki and its spiritual background.
In July, 2009. I attended at the Japanese Jikiden Reiki Institute\'s training in Budapest, where not only my questions was answered, but I enriched several practical experience too. Since 2010 december I have been teaching Jikiden Reiki.

My activity:
- giving Reiki treatments in my location
- holding Jikiden Reiki practice events
- holding free Jikiden Reiki open days
- I am teaching the 1st and 2nd degree of Jikiden Reiki


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