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Abundantia Holistic Therapies

London, Greater London (City of London)
Phone: 07496359076
Website Address: https://abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk
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Abundantia Holistic Therapies offer a range of holistic therapies such as:

Reiki healing

Mental/emotional healing

Cakra balancing and scanning

Cleansing and balancing of auric field

Emotional balancing

Cutting negative cords

Releasing of past trauma/emotional wounds,

Crystal healing therapy

Holistic massage - beauty facial massage, natural face lift massage, Thai foot massage and Indian head massage

Light Body Healing healing consultations, Twin Flame Healing, Skype Consultations, Sessions and Coaching, Distant Healing Sessions and Skype healing available

Tarot and Oracle Card Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance

Reiki Classes and Courses, Meditation Workshops

Crystal Healing Workshops, Full Moon and New Moon Crystal Healing Ceremonies.

My name is Katarina Rhodes and I am a fully qualified Reiki Master, crystal healer, holistic therapies, I am a natural clairsentient and intuitive reader.

My healing sessions are more than lying hands on chakras. I am naturally very intuitive and I can sense energy blockages in your chakras and auric field.  My primary focus is on rebalancing your subtle energy bodies and chakras.

Reiki Healing Full Body Hands on Session £75.00

Distant Healing Session (30 minutes)         £37.00

Benefits of Reiki

  • Balances spirit, mind and body
  • Releases energy blockages and helps to the body to heal
  • Helps to express unexpressed emotions and receive love
  • Helps with self-love, self-worth and self-value
  • Helps to increase creativity, passion and zest for life
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, worries
  • Releases energetic blockages that might be stuck in chakras
  • Releases toxins and tensions from the body
  • Helps to redefine our way of living
  • Helps to release irritation, calms and balances
  • Helps to release need to control
  • Helps to move with the natural flow of life
  • Helps to align one with his/her aspects of personality and helps to accept one they are
  • Releases guilt and shame about sexuality
  • Aids with sleep
  • Helps to release past wounds, pains and grief

Introduction to Light Body Healing Programmes

Abundantia Holistic Therapies introduces healing programmes that has been specifically designed to assist with your own healing towards the unity within yourself, raising vibrations and opening your sacred heart centre, guiding your consciousness towards ascension into the next evolution cycle for your soul growth and expansion.

Each healing programme outlines the main structure and points that will be the main focus of the healing you choose. After a first healing consultation or session, I determine the healing program that will be most suitable for your energy bodies integration. There will be a time when the healing treatment might need to be adjusted, depending on your energy bodies state and how they respond to the healing you receive and what surfaces itself after a few sessions.

About Healing Sessions

The healing sessions are very powerful and you will very probably feel changes and energetic shifts just after one session. The energy I channel to your auric field is of a very high vibration, accompanied with the sound healing of the light language. To learn more about the light language please visit the link here.

The emotional stress, unexpressed and suppressed emotions are the main culprits for all the disease, depression or mental illness. There is one more important point that is missing and is vital to the emotional healing and balance – it is acceptance of the spiritual heritage, of your soul and that you are more than physical body.

It is also very important to understand how the energy subtle bodies and chakras operates and how it affects the physical reality.

The length of a healing session varies from as only 30 minutes up,  60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours or even 3 hours if required. The prices are shown under Prices and Bookings page on the website.

1)First Session –One Hour Healing at £75.00

 A first session is designed to understand in which part of your energy bodies, healing is needed and required.

The session includes 15 minutes consultation, conscious breathing, grounding, protection of the auric field, microcosmic orbit meditation, healing with sound of light language, connecting to your auric field, cleaning and scanning of all your energy points, emotional and mental healing.

In a session, I use my psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, I receive impressions, messages in a form of images, symbols or signs from my spirit guides team that are meant to be shared at the time of your session. During a healing, you might also receive subtle messages, visions or sensations.

The session will continue with consultation, sharing experience and recommendation of your healing programme.

This is one hour session and the price is £75.00. The session can be extended to 90 minutes if requested. The cost is £111.00.

You will receive a follow up email with notes and comments from the session with a single card reading, further recommendation of your healing programme.

The healing usually continues after the session has ended.

2)Light Body Healing Programme Level I

3)Light Body Healing Programmes Level II

4) Light Body Healing Programme Level III

5) Light Body Healing Programme Level IV

6) Awakening of the Womb – Inner Goddess Healing Programme

7) How to Channel Healing Programme

8) Crystal Healing Programmes

Light Body Healing Programmes, Twin Flame Skype Consultations, Sessions and Coaching – Detailed Healing Programmes Part II

The length and the cost of each session

Half an hour                                          £37.00

One hour                                                £75.00

One hour and half (90 minutes)       £113.00

Two hours                                              £150.00

Two hours and half                              £186.00

I look forward to hearing from you.


Reiki Master, Crystal, Spiritual Guide and Holistic Therapist
Abundantia Holistic Therapies

Healing Consultations, Light Body Healing Programmes, Skype Sessions and Coaching



Opening Times

Opening Times: 9am to 9pm daily, please contact us to check availability

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Abundantia Holistic Therapies is based in Marylebone, Liverpool Street, London Bridge. Please contact us on reservations@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk or reception@abundantiaholistictherapies.co.uk to make your appointment or request more details. We would be very pleased to assist.


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After a turbulent time, I visited Abundantia for my first Reiki treatment as I was feeling a bit lost. I went in with an open mind, not sure what to expect, but Kat put me really at ease and I actually found the session really enlightening. I’d been worried it might bring up troubling thoughts, but in fact I experienced a sense of relief and once it was completed I felt like a weight was off my shoulders already. I also explored some tarot readings and Kat explained the various cards and their meanings very intuitively. I am really looking… Read more »

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