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Reiki master and new Treatment with Energy CHI

Holborn, Greater London (Camden), WC1X 8NW
Phone: 07852134437
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From a very young age, Sira Garcias has held a passionate interest in Eastern philosophies and religion, alternative remedies and medicine, and practices that promoted physical and mental wellbeing such as yoga, meditation and dietary research.

That passion led Sira to London from her native Barcelona; where she has lived for over a decade. Sira chose to follow a path to the UK to learn alternative medicine with well respected and knowledgeable teachers.

Sira specialises in Reiki has gained a practical and rich knowledge of this practice by working ‘hands on’ in a few clinics in Central and East London including the Natural Healing Clinic in Aldgate and Westminster. Her Reiki and Chi energy has benefited patients suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as many clients simply wanting to feel a sense of greater alignment and well-being within themselves. Sira also has a working and practising knowledge of acupuncture, acupressure, tuina, deep tissue, reflexology, healing with music and sound, breathing techniques and exercises incorporating ‘chi’ energy, healing with Bach flower remedies.

She is worldly and speaks a number of languages including Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French aside from English. Other passions in her life include performing music and literature.

Sira holds a diploma in Reiki Master / Teacher (The Usui System of Natural Healing) gained in 2006. Her teacher was Doctor Jenny Fitzgerald.

Her Acupuncture and; Acupressure Certificate was undertaken and completed in UK Academy of Chinese Medicine In association with Hunan University (Professor Engin Can) gained in 2014

Her musical and sound therapy courses were finished in City Lit College.

Sira created a new treatment with Reiki and she incorporated Chi Energy including acupoints and chakras in 2014.

Sira is constantly driven and
self-motivated to learn and gain diplomas and certificates.

Member of Independent and Professional Therapists International. (IPTI / UK)

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