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Reiki in Beckenham

Beckenham, Greater London (Bromley), BR3 5NW
Phone: 07957412441
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I became a Reiki Professional Practitioner (CNHC registered) because I enjoy helping others heal. I have always been interested in natural healing methods and I also have a strong belief that our health is related to how we connect to our bodies on a spiritual level. When I witness others suffering needlessly whether physically or emotionally, I want to be able to help them.

Reiki heals from the inside out and has been known to be effective in helping virtually every known illness. It has been scientifically shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body. Reiki helps me to help others improve their health and well-being in an natural and spiritual way.

Reiki\'s healing energy is always beneficial and can be used in conjunction with all other therapies. It does not interfere with any medications and has no side effects so everyone can safely experience Reiki healing including pregnant women and the elderly. Reiki has been known to help in the following areas:

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
Decrease pain levels and speed healing
Alleviate sleep disorders
Help substance abuse recovery
Speed recovery after surgery
Help chronic conditions
Strengthen self-esteem and awareness
Promote spiritual awareness and connection
Reduce side effects of radiation and chemotherapy
Strengthen the body\'s natural healing abilities
Assisting in high risk surgeries

Please contact me for further information or if you have any questions.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Near the junction of Bromley Road and Oakwood Avenue.


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