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Rosemary Patten

Sidcup, Greater London (Bexley), DA144HF
Phone: 07903427972
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Rosemary Patten MT., AOR. Practitioner, Teacher and Author

If you are interested in healing yourself and others? Why not learn the gentle art of Reiki for yourself? Allow the Universal life force energy that is Reiki to heal you on all levels. Reiki will re-establish and balance the flow of healing energy, thus begins the healing process. Level 1 is about beginning your journey of health and a greater understand of yourself and Universal Law.

Do you wish to develop your understand of the Universal Laws and heal your self?  Then I run a regular monthly group and each month has a different theme.

Last Thursday of every month - Venue - Sidcup Kent DA144HF - Tel: 07903 427972

Treatments are also available by Rosemary Patten

MORE INFORMATION email:   rosemaryepatten@outlook.com

Rosemary Patten Practitioner, Teacher and Author

Traditional Method of Healing
Discover for yourself the gentle healing art of Reiki. Re-awaken the natural healing energy that we all possess as it is re-aligned. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Reiki (Universal) and Ki (Life Energy). It is a vital force that flows through all matter and can be activated for a powerful form of healing.
Teaching Level 1, Level 11 and Master/Teacher Level
Reiki Share Sidcup Kent last Thursday of every month
Next course Level 1   5th and 6th November 2018

Rosemary Patten
Support and Spiritual Development Group
Thursday 25th October 2018
Registration 7.15 pm
Commences 7.30- 9.30pm

This is a support group for those seeking to improve their spiritual awareness through healing and personal development.

Proceeds after expenses go to charity
Donation £5.00

This month will be a bit special as you will experience a gong bath. To those who are not familiar with this it is the use of sound waves to release negative energy. Many of us are not grounded as we tend to live in our heads with constant chatty. This helps to release tension and is truly relaxing.

• Explanation on sound and how it can heal
• For those who wish to give or receive a healing treatment
• Angels cards to finish

Please let me know if you can attend




Opening Times

Opening Times: Courses: Monday and Tuesday 9.00 - 5.30
Treatments: Tuesdays and Wednesday from Sidcup 9am to 8pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 3 minute walk from Sidcup High Street, 10 minutes walk from Sidcup Railway Station and off the A20 by Queen Mary's Hospital.


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Rating :

I have received Reiki treatment from Rosemary on numerous occasions. The experience is always calming and deeply relaxing with the effects long lasting. I would highly recommend visiting Rosemary for a treatment.

Rating :

Rosemary’s healing hands leaves me feeling calm and peaceful inside. She is a mine of information and very inspirational. Highly recommended.

Rating :

I would recommend Rosemay as a Reiki healer and teacher. Her Support and Spiritual development groups held monthly are excellent and good for both new comers to Reiki and more experienced.

Rating :

Rosemary is an excellent Reiki healer and teacher. Her monthly Spiritual Development and Support Group enables both Reiki practitioners and anyone with an interest in Reiki to get together.

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