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Jag Reeves – Reiki & Healing In North London

Finchley, Greater London (Barnet), N3 1EY
Phone: 07958 561 467
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I am a creative and fluid being, therefore I love variety in my work and life. There are many aspects to my work though they all unite in the single purpose of helping people to live life joyfully and with a connected awareness of the world around them. My work is that of a guide or spiritual counsellor, lending a hand of support and a fresh perspective to illuminate your path in life so you may take the next steps that beckon to you. With each step, we express more of our true divine selves, and to be part of this process is truly fulfilling to me. I can help to coach you through the challenges of life, so you may learn, grow and transform quicker than you ever have, or imagined possible


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