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Angelic Light Healing

Colchester, Essex
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Angelic Light Healing®© was gifted to me this year (2018) via the Elohei and other Angelic Beings, to share in Service with you All.  I am going through the Ascension process, and am an Organic Twin Flame DF in Separation, since our respective Kundalini Awakening in 2015.

Angelic Light Healing®© aids you as a WHOLE BEING by clearing whatever I am guided to release for you, ie., negative thought forms and programs, and ALL manner of related energetic disturbances, whatever form they may be or take.  I have experienced the extremes of 'the bad and the ugly' on this journey, with some good thrown in for good measure!!  There is nothing I have not experienced nor heard of, so I will speak my Truth and the whole Truth with you - I won't sugar-coat it.  There is no need to hold back on what you are experiencing or going through, I am not easily shocked.  I work for and assist the Light, but I AM fully aware this journey and its 'Warriors of Light' are hit the hardest by the 'dark' and those that wish to meddle with our respective Ascension processes.

I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner, and also trained in other vibrational/healing modalities: Magnified Healing, Golden Reiki, Body Massage, Reflexology. (‘Classroom’ training 1998 until 2001.)

My energy work and capacity to be of Service has received many upgrades through my  personal practices and healings upon myself, more so since the awakening of and discovery I AM a Twin Flame and on such a crazy journey.  (Me?!  Who would have thought I would be one of them?! Why?! The 3D human would not have chosen it, that's for sure!!)

I am able to work with you via Zoom or Skype through a computer connection, or remotely with you – without a computer connection – so you can receive energy work in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you.  Neither of us have to travel anywhere, so I am able to work with you via the sanctuary of my personal healing space, which will also aid you during your session with me and our respective Guides/Angels and Helpers.

I currently have a special offer running, the energy exchange presently: 15 minutes for £14.44.  (Usually 30 minutes for £44.44.)

(In our world, as we are so aware, something only has value if it has a £$price tag attached to it.  In our societies, energy workers too live in the world in houses, no longer in free caves in the woods!  The exchange: your funds in equal flow for the vibrational energy from me to aid you.)

I look forward to being of Service to you.  Much Love xxxx<3<3<3<3.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Very flexible.
Even though I AM based in England, UK, due to the majority of my work being delivered remotely, with clients worldwide, I AM able to offer appointment times to suit you..

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: One-to-one sessions, delivered remotely or 'face-to-face' via Zoom / Skype..


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