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Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 5YW
Phone: 07969 166471
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This is an ongoing, ever evolving journey of self growth, love and forgiveness, allow me to help and guide you to help yourself in remembering who you really are, who you have always truly been, a perfect divine being of love.

A natural intuitive, empath and channel, I work by tuning into your auric field.

Working closely with my guides, I am able to pick up and identify any areas that might be troubling you in this lifetime, or perhaps where you may be carrying any trauma. This can quite often have the route causes based in a previous incarnation or even be ancestral.

As a channel, I connect with my Guides, Angels and team of Celestial beings of light and help to erase any deep embedded blockages or any unhealthy cords or attachments to people or places or objects multi dimensionally that may be slowing your progress on your spiritual journey.

By working to unblock any limiting behaviour patterns or beliefs you may be holding on to, will allow you to step into your power, open your Heart and kick start your journey towards your own unique divine soul mission and life plan.


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