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Jill Parker Reiki Healing

Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN245HX
Phone: 01323 304795
Website Address: www.jill-parker-reiki-healing.co.uk
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Hello & Welcome - Reiki is the best thing that ever happened to me - it is a blessing to receive and a blessing to give.  I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner with an RSA certificate in Counselling skills and 21 years experience working with people in the care profession.

Universal Life Force Energy heals on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This holistic therapy helps to clear blocked energy, thereby enhancing the body's natural ability to heal itself.  A healer acts as a conduit through which healing energy flows.  Reiki is a particular, high vibrational frequency of healing energy that an attuned person channels through their crown chakra to the palms of their hands ready for healing.  The practitioner places their hands on or over a person (who is always fully clothed) with the intent to channel Reiki for the highest good.

I enjoy welcoming clients into the healing sanctuary I have created within my home in Westham, Pevensey, East Sussex - each treatment lasts for about an hour, but new client's should allow an hour and a half.  First there is time for consultation and then the client will be asked to lay on the treatment table.  After a short preparation where I set a good intent for healing, I then place my hands gently on the recipient's body, or just above the body, and the energy will flow.  I will change the position of my hands intuitively throughout the session.  Background music may be played and sometimes I use crystals which can enhance the healing process.  At the end of the treatment there will be time to reflect.  I am professional in approach and anything that is spoken about during our time together remains confidential.

A healing treatment is an individual experience and it is perceived differently from person to person, and from session to session.  It  can feel like an outpouring of love radiating through and around the body, as it clears and balances energy pathways.  Reiki flows through the recipient and helps to heal them in the best way for them at that time.

A Reiki treatment is a blessing to receive, and a blessing to give.

I can be contacted as follows:

phone        01323-304795

website      www.jill-parker-reiki-healing.co.uk

email          jill.parker.reiki.healing@gmail.com


Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 10.00am - 6.00pm (by appointment only)

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 63 St John's Drive is located in the village of Westham, Pevensey, East Sussex. Pevensey & Westham train station is just a five minute walk away. There is easy street parking.


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